Enrolment is now open for Knight School at Oxford Castle & Prison.

The ancient site has absorbed centuries of stories about kings, queens, battles and villains. It is also said that Geoffrey of Monmouth first wrote the legends of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table right here at the castle.

The school holidays are a great opportunity to really bring those tales to life.

Last half-term we ran some magical potion classes in the castle crypt. Now that the summer holidays are here, it is the turn of the knights!

Knight School at Oxford Castle & Prison is open to children aged five to 11.

Youngsters will have a one-hour crash course in knightly skills including sword fighting, shield decorating and archery.

Our team of teaching knights (Oliver, Robin and myself) are all trained swordsmen from Oxford Sword and Staff and regularly participate in medieval re-enactments and tournaments across Oxfordshire and beyond.

While our swords are real, the Knights in Training will be using wooden toy swords.

Every participating child will get to keep their sword at the end of the workshop and take it home, so they must choose their weapon wisely.

Being a knight is not just about how well you can swing a sword or shoot an arrow. Knights must also possess a creative mind and a loyal heart.

Knight School will include a shield decorating workshop where participants must create a crest to represent their house or kingdom. What animal best represents your house – a proud lion? A brave Labrador? A valiant guinea pig?

As their hour-long class draws to a close, our trainees will receive a visit from one of the castle’s royal inhabitants.

Empress Matilda and King Stephen will preside over special ‘knighting ceremonies’ to give each participant the royal seal of approval. Every Knight in Training will get a personalised scroll to take home.

Knight School will take place inside the castle crypt and outside in the castle yard. There’s something wonderfully immersive about doing these activities in a castle. Once more into the breach my friends.

Knight School is at Oxford Castle & Prison at noon every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until August 31 for children aged five to 11.

See oxfordcastleandprison.co.uk