IMAGES of real people candidly slogging during their 9–5 have been hung on the walls in an exhibition entitled ‘people at work’.

Two local artists, and one from London, are hosting the display of photographs taken of people from across the world doing their job.

The exhibition, hosted at Barn gallery, St. John’s College in St Giles, aims to cast a 'curious, humourous and compassionate eye at people and their daily realities in different countries, with contrasting work ethics and environments'.

Uke Ackermann, who has 40 photographs in the show said: “The tourists are trickling in and the comments are all positive.”

The former professor of physiology, who worked in Canada, and in Oxford– where he is now based– added: “My photos are from Spain, the UK, Austria, Haiti.

“I’m a sailor so I’ve travelled by boat to very interesting places.”

Other exhibitors in the show include Bharat Patel and Natalie Egling.

Mr Patel is showcasing his photos taken of people working in India, and Ms Egling­— a London-based travel write from Johannesburg– has taken photos from Tajikistan and Mauritius, and uses her work as a scrapbook of travelling memories.

The exhibition, which opened on August 5, will be open everyday until August 19 at the gallery from 10am until 4pm.