ORGANISERS of BBC Countryfile Live have quashed claims that two dogs died during the four-day event.

Social media rumours suggested one dog passed away on Saturday and another on Sunday due to extreme heat, but this proved untrue.

An estimated 120,000 people attended the event at Blenheim Palace over the weekend, along with 10,000 dogs.

Organisers could not give exact figures on the number of dogs treated, but confirmed no dog brought to the onsite mobile veterinary hospital was allowed to walk away without being checked and treated if necessary.

A spokesperson said: "Historically we have had a large number of visitors bring their dogs along to Countryfile Live, and as such we ensure there are comprehensive facilities on site for dog owners including watering points, paddling pools and plenty of shade.

"Dog welfare is a key focus for us and advice and information for dog owners for coping with the heat was broadcast on our website and social media channels to keep visitors informed.

"We were alerted to a rumour on social media of a dog's death through an external Facebook page, which we responded to immediately and proved to be untrue.

"The events at the Dog Arena were also monitored and the various organisations that displayed over the weekend continually assessed the conditions for their dogs and made appropriate judgement on whether events should go ahead."

Soaring temperatures meant thirsty crowds faced long queues for water throughout the four-day event, with many animal experts warning visitors against taking their pets.

Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital posted on Facebook on Friday: "Please do not take your dogs to Countryfile live if possible as it’s going to be hot over the next few days."

Several Oxford Mail readers agreed with this advice and criticised 'irresponsible' owners for taking their pets to Blenheim Palace.

Steph Strange said: "I saw so many dogs in so much stress I left early as it was so upsetting to see.

"I think they should look into banning dogs if the weather is hot"

Lee Offill added: "Can't believe dog owners hold your heads in shame.

"If I was there I would of told them. Then a journey home in the boot. Fantastic - not!!"