REPUTATIONS didn’t come much worse than the Jolly Postboys.

But now, the Florence Park local has been transformed from a failing to a thriving pub after it re-opened under new management in 2016.

Director George Harwood-Dallyn said: "The majority of people found it fairly hostile, it was known for its petty crime and illegal substances.

“It was an old-school pub that only catered to a tiny proportion of the people who live around here.

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“We’ve focussed on trying to create a space with a bit of personality, that everyone can enjoy.

“We get to know the people - their dogs, their kids, their lives - and they get to know us.

“We’re lucky that we are not under the thumb of a giant brewery and can support independent businesses and serve what we want."

He added: “I’m passionate about saving local pubs, they are so important, but things have got to change to keep them going.”