A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy with leukaemia has joined the fight to prevent a popular music academy from losing its home.

Olly Isley, from Leafield, near Witney, has been learning the drums at MuzoAkademy’s Rock Barn in Witney Market Square since May 2017 – even after he was diagnosed with ALL leukaemia last October.

The young rock fan attends weekly sessions at the academy, but the organisation could be forced to find a new home if a planning application to replace The Rock Barn with flats is approved.

A fundraising group, #SaveTheRockBarn, has been set up to make the building an Asset of Community Value, giving them six months to raise the funds before owner David Harvey can sell.

Olly performed alongside mentor and MuzoAkademy founder Sandy Chalmers at last month’s Witney Carnival as #SaveTheRockBarn stepped up its campaign and mum Sarah says the academy has given her son a real boost.

She said: “He’s never stopped loving music and within five weeks of being diagnosed he was wanting to go back to Muzo.

“They’ve been brilliant and if Olly hasn’t had the energy they’ve offered to come to our house for lessons instead.

“You see his face light up when he plays the drums.

“Normally you speak to him and he’ll shy away but in there he’s different – he’s getting stronger and it’s given him real confidence.”

Olly was diagnosed with ALL leukaemia on October 6 last year.

After seven months of intense treatment he is now ‘in maintenance’, which is designed to keep the cancer in remission.

The youngster continues to take oral chemotherapy every day and will receive treatment until December 2020, after which he will be monitored for five years.

Olly is a huge fan of bands Foo Fighters and ACDC and is able to nurture his passion with Mr Chalmers, who fits his teaching around the young drummer.

Mr Chalmers said: “Olly brings incredible enthusiasm to the Rock Barn and total joy in playing music whether it’s on his own or with others.

“He’s always up for performing any time and any day and the only thing that stops him is how he’s feeling physically – it usually has to be something pretty bad for him not to be able to play.”

The #SaveTheRockBarn campaign now has merchandise, a Just Giving page and a social media reach of 40,000 people.

Olly and Mr Chalmers played the official ‘Save The Rock Barn’ song at the carnival and Mrs Isley appealed to keep the music hub in its town centre location.

She said: “It’s a real community and everyone mentors each other.

“It would be awful if it closed.”

The campaigners hope to raise more cash then submit their Asset of Community Value application.