AS MANY lament the decline in officers across Oxfordshire, we're asking our readers how they feel about police visibility. 

In March, there were the equivalent of 4,067 full-time officers in Thames Valley Police – a drop of 29 on March 2017.

This represents a decline of more than 300 since 2010. 

And across England and Wales officer numbers are down by 21,330 from eight years ago.

The loss of numbers means less bobbies on the beat and a number of moves to make the force more efficient.

Many believe that a move away from the traditional beat police officers and towards a more targeted approach to crime is a positive step.

Some critics, however, believe that a decline in visible officers on the streets leads to a rise in aniti-social behaviour, as well as limiting the amount of crime that is reported. 

The Oxford Mail is today asking its readership when they last saw a police officer in their street. 

We're also asking just how important people in Oxfordshire believe having a bobby on the beat is.