TEENAGERS in Witney have been advised to have a safe summer by not swimming in rivers unsupervised.

Wood Green School in the town left the parting message with students and parents at the end of term last week.

It came after a 12-year-old girl was safely rescued from the River Windrush on July 22, after nearly drowning.

The secondary school's last newsletter of term stated: "You may have seen in the news about a local girl who got into trouble whilst swimming in the Windrush.

"In response, we asked the local police to speak to all students at our final assembly about staying safe, especially in the hot weather. "

With temperatures set to heat up for the rest of the week, many could be tempted to take a swim.

But the letter said: "The Environment Agency has appealed to people not to swim in unsupervised sites and this incident highlights the hazards which not all young people consider without extra advice.

"Fortunately the girl is recovering and we wish all those involved a full recovery."

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has also warned children not to swim in open water, highlighting 'hidden dangers'.

Several other agencies are also running river safety campaigns throughout the summer.