DRIVERS parking in Oxford’s most expensive car park were unsurprised to hear it has seen by far the highest number of fines this year.

Many suspected that the high charges for parking in Worcester Street were tempting people to chance not paying or leading them to try to get to get away with paying for less time.


An hour’s parking in the car park costs £4 with £2-per-hour increases up to a maximum of £28 for 24 hours.

Alongside Gloucester Green, it is one of the city’s two most expensive car park.

Oxford Mail:

Office worker Becci Morris, 56, of Great Milton, was in the city to collect an air conditioner.

She said: “I would say that parking fares are far too high.

“The hourly rate is too high, particularly compared to other places, for example in Abingdon.”

Oxford Mail:

Construction manager James Possel-White, 39, from Witney was in the area to supervise a project and described the fares as ‘ridiculous’.

He said: “They should be in line with the other car parks’ fares.

“It should all be reduced so it’s a bit more manageable.”

He added that he had nearly been fined once when his ticket came close to running out.

Oxford Mail:

Engineer Asif Kamal, 38, of Headington, was in town for an appointment at the Job Centre.

He said: “This is very expensive: £2 should be the max for one hour. Then, after every twenty minutes, they should add on 50p so you can calculate easily how long you can stay.”

Local residents were not the only ones having to stump up the high fees.

Oxford Mail:

IT centre manager Kai Reichardt, 54, was on holiday in the area from Munich and complained of a lack of shade.

He said: “The price is quite high. Fares should be maybe 20 per cent less.

“I do completely understand the high prices but maybe they should be a little lower.”

But fridge engineer Keith Morton, 55, from Aldershot, told the Oxford Mail: “This is the only car park I park in.

"The charges here are good, not that bad at all, in comparison to London.”