AN 'INFURIATED' pensioner says he has been banned from shopping in his local Sainsbury's after protesting against plastic litter from the store.

Roger Panaman, from Kidlington, was forced out of the village's superstore on Monday after leaving a trail of blue plastic gloves in his wake.

The 71-year-old, a retiree with a background in wildlife biology, was making a stand against the droves of discarded gloves from the petrol station forecourt that he says have long blighted Kidlington.

He said: "I cycle to Oxford from Kidlington most days of the week and for the last two years I have noticed these blue plastic gloves littering the Kidlington roundabout and along the road heading in to Oxford."

Oxford Mail:

Mr Panaman said he has complained to Cherwell District Council repeatedly about the problem, and occasionally they have been cleared away.

He said: "The problem with this litter is that it's perennial and keeps building up.

"I first thought they had simply been bought from Sainsbury's and dropped by people, but on Monday I realised they were coming from the petrol station where they are badly posted. People grab them from the box and they go flying."

Oxford Mail:

Mr Panaman, who has lived in Kidlington for 22 years, continued: "I was so angry that I took about 20 of these gloves into the store and threw them on the floor. Simply giving them back their own litter."

The pensioner said he was quickly picked up by CCTV and in a 'heavy-handed' response, he said the shop manager attempted to take his shopping basket and demanded he left the shop.

Oxford Mail:

When Mr Panaman refused to let go of his shopping he said the store manager called the police and wouldn't listen to why he had thrown the gloves on the floor. He was told he was banned from coming back into the shop.

He added: "It was outrageous that I was banned permanently, for giving them their litter back.

"I am a 71-year-old pensioner who lives locally and when I bike to Oxford I stop at Sainsbury's most days.

"So it is a big deal to me."

Sainsbury's have not yet supplied a full statement regarding the incident, but a spokesman said some members of staff who saw it say Mr Panaman was not treated in a way they thought was unfair.

Mr Panaman added that he can appreciate the manager's point that the gloves could have been a slip hazard and said he should have contacted Sainsbury's about the gloves prior to the protest.

He has since been back to the shop but was once again told to leave when trying to buy a 45p baguette.

The pensioner said he has now contacted Sainsbury's customer service about the problem with plastic gloves and is awaiting their reply.

He hopes Sainsbury's will rethink the 'needless' gloves and instead people could swap to owning a reusable pair if necessary - helping cut plastic pollution.

Mr Panaman said: "I have suggested they stop making the gloves, as it is not just this Sainsbury's that will have them it will be all Sainsbury's petrol stations.

"The gloves are not essential for motorists, they litter the environment causing an eyesore, make more work for the local council to clear away, and no one knows what harm they do to wildlife."

Oxford Mail:

He added: "Britain is knee-deep in litter, police don't seem to do anything about it, schools don't seem to teach pupils enough about it.

"I will stop people in the street if I see them littering."

Sainsbury's was approached for comment but has not yet supplied one.