AN OLD-fashioned hot air balloon was seen drifting through the sky in south Oxfordshire this evening, closely flanked by a very modern helicopter. 

The strange pair of flying machines were thought to belong to a film crew, possibly filming a new version of Jules Verne's famous story 'Around the World in 80 Days.'

Residents reported seeing the occupants of the balloon take part in daring stunts with people in costume seen climbing on the ropes outside the basket. 

A close-up of the balloon showed a man in a pirate-style hat with a younger woman in a gold sparkly top. 

The helicopter followed the couple at a short distance as they made their way across the Oxfordshire skyline. 

Heather Duffin, who filmed this clip from her home in East Hagbourne, said she couldn't see a burner being used so assumed the balloon was being kept up by helium.