NO DRIVERS were caught speeding by police in 56 locations across the county, despite many of the roads being known hotspots.

Cameras in Cowley Road, London Road and Watlington Road, Oxford all yielded no offences in the last year, according to the latest figures.

Speed gun operations in St Giles, the A34 at Kidlington and Park Road in Didcot also failed to catch anyone, although police have not said how often they ran tests in these areas.

Michael Jenkins, the chairman of Sutton Courtenay Parish Council, where only nine speeders were caught in Church Street and zero in Drayton Road, said the figures did not tally with the villagers’ experiences.

Oxford Mail:

Church Street, Sutton Courtenay. Picture: Google

He said: “All the residents who live in these roads complain that speeding is a major issue.

“Some time ago we did our own tests and found the majority of vehicles were speeding.

“There has been a long campaign to get calming measures put in place so these figures are a surprise.”

Mr Jenkins added speeding is more of a problem at night, meaning drivers can avoid police operations.

But in St Giles, residents said the low number of offences reflected a reduction in the problem of speeding.

The city centre road was made a 20mph zone in 2010 and strict police enforcement of the limits caught hundreds of drivers.

Oxford Mail:

But Revd Andrew Bunch, the vicar at St Giles’ Church, said he didn’t think speeding in the area was an issue anymore.

He added: “I think people have calmed down a lot which is a good thing.”