SEVERAL dogs have been seized in the Didcot area after people were bitten by the animals.

PC Beverley Kaur, in an update to residents, said police had been receiving a number of complaints about dog bites.

She said a 'couple' of dogs had been seized from their owners following the incidents.

PC Kaur offered advice to dog owners, saying: "I would just like to stress about keeping your dog under control when you are out and muzzled if needed.

"If your dog is in your garden then make sure it is unable to escape and get out."

This was not the only dog-related matter on which PC Kaur updated people in Didcot.

There has also been several calls regarding dogs left in hot vehicles during the recent summer heat wave.

She continued: "We've had a number of calls over the hot spell regarding dogs being left in cars. Your dog is at serious risk of harm and dehydration no matter how little time a period of time it is."