DESCRIBED by Ofsted last week as a 'happy and safe' place of learning, John Henry Newman Academy has turned a new chapter in its story of success.

From the joyful grin of a girl bounding around on a bouncy ball to the eager faces of pupils keen to offer their answers in class, these pictures are proof.

The inclusive school in Littlemore, Oxford, which is now rated 'good', promotes core values of love, courage, celebration and community.

Headteacher Katie Screaton said: "Those values are absolutely embedded - the school lives and breathes them, and that's very true of children and all the staff.

"It's a very positive learning environment and we really focus on progress for the children, and value them all as individuals."

The 336-pupil school works closely with neighbouring secondary school The Oxford Academy to share best practice and facilities.

Ms Screaton said: "It's a beautiful way of working and there is a real partnership.

"Children and their families get very familiar with The Oxford Academy staff, which helps with that transition."

She said learning is enriched with exciting special guest visits and days out, recently including a week of workshops with The Story Museum and a trip to Oxford Botanic Garden.

The head added: "These are stunning places on our doorstep, which provide rich experiences and broaden learning. It's about that spark, that hook into learning."

A key aim for the school is promoting well-being and mindfulness, not just for children, but the whole community of families and staff.

Ms Screaton said: "We are unique in many respects in the different ways we focus on that.

"It's a clear strand of our development plan."

The head said many are unaware of the school's sprawling green spaces.

She added: "We have beautiful grounds.

"We are so fortunate as a primary school within the city to have so much land. It's a really special place."

Assistant head Rachel Weston said pupils enjoy a wildlife area, forest school and a well-established pond.

She added:"We are really keen to enrich the curriculum using the physical resources.

"Maybe some children don't have a garden at home, so we need to provide those opportunities for them."