POLICE have increased security measures around Blenheim Palace ahead of President Donald Trump's visit this evening.

Oxford Mail:

Police will remain in the area until Friday morning, with speculation Mr Trump will visit Winston Churchill's grave at St Martin's Church, Bladon, at 5am tomorrow.


Witney Labour Party tweeted that everyone living 'with a direct line of sight to the churchyard' will have to evacuate their homes, but Thames Valley Police confirmed they were unaware of this.

Elaine Lanighan, who works in Woodstock, said: "I'm disgusted - I thought maybe Trump wanted to see if it's true that Churchill is turning in his grave."

There was a visibly heightened security presence around Woodstock yesterday as officers gave businesses a list of contact numbers to call if they noticed suspicious activity.

Oxford Mail:

Several officers guarded the external gates as on-site operations stepped up, with yellow crash barriers installed behind the main gates.

The American President and First Lady, Melania, will be hosted by Prime Minister Theresa May for a black tie dinner at Blenheim tonight.

Oxford Stand Up To Racism is calling on people to protest against the visit at the palace's main gate from 5.30pm.

Oxford Mail:

Its spokesman Ian Mckendrick said: "This is a man who's quite belligerent in his racism and it's giving racists confidence to be more vocal."

Yesterday morning, three truckloads of police parked up in the town centre as the security presence stretched beyond the palace grounds for the first time this week.

Oxford Mail:

It has been suggested Mr Trump will land at RAF Upper Heyford, a former US air base, but hiss full itinerary has not been revealed.

Dozens of tourists were turned away at the palace gates yesterday morning due to the President's visit.

An MV-22 Osprey flanked by VH-60 helicopters, understood to be part of the Presidential Transport Squadron, were spotted scouting the area on Monday.

An airspace restriction will be in place all day, with a Civil Aviation Authority statement reading: "The restrictions apply to all airspace users including drones.

"Pilots and drone operators are reminded to take account of the restrictions when planning flights."