A FORMER Oxford midwife has returned to the Churchill Hospital after 60 years to see her artwork displayed as part of a special NHS 70th anniversary exhibition.

June Simms, 86, left the Headington hospital to have a family in 1958, moving to Surrey and then eventually Chelmsford.

Since giving up midwifery, the mother-of-three and grandmother-of-six has since become a talented artist using textiles and creative embroidery to create her exhibits.

On seeing her latest work ‘Threads in Time’ on display in the hospital’s South Street Corridor, she said: “It’s wonderful to see.

“It was a good time in Oxford; we really enjoyed ourselves.

“The hospital has changed a lot since then, it was all low-rise but it’s lovely coming back.”

The three pieces feature pictures of Mrs Simms during her time working for the NHS in the 1950s and incorporate the colours of the old nursing uniforms.

The artworks, part of a wider photography exhibition at the Churchill, will be on display until August 11.