FIRE crews helped to rescue a cow who had fallen into the River Thames near Eynsham Lock.

The fire service was called at 2pm on Saturday amid reports that the animal was in the river. 

After locating the cow a mile downstream of the lock, a rescue team launched a boat to help get it out of the water.

It was secured with a rope to prevent it getting into deeper water and becoming distressed.

After about an hour the cow was able to get back onto dry land without assistance.

Station Manager Frank Patterson said: “Animal rescues are a common occurrence for the Fire and Rescue Service. On this occasion little intervention was required and the animal did not come to harm.

"Animals can behave in an unpredictable way, especially in stressful situations. If you see an animal in distress, do not put yourself in danger but call 999. We will deal with it using specially trained crews.”