WHILE all eyes are on Russia for the football World Cup, an equally fiercely fought world championship was held in Oxfordshire.

The World Aunt Sally Championships brought together the cream of the pub sport’s talent for a showdown in Charlbury.

The contest, in which players throw sticks or balls at a wooden dummy, was staged as part of the Charlbury Beer Festival on Saturday and ended with a nerve-wracking sudden death showdown.

After several tense games of the traditional Oxfordshire sport, only two players remained: Karl Budd and Kevin Powney.

A series of ties meant the game had to go to sudden death – the equivalent of a penalty shoot-out – with first-time champion Mr Powney holding his nerve and taking home the prestigious international trophy.

The self-employed gardener from Launton, who is the Bicester singles champion, said: “I felt comfortable playing Karl because he’s a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed it – now I’ll have to make some room on the mantlepiece.”