THE pitter-patter of tiny paws will ring from tv screens tomorrow as a litter of eight yellow Labradors from Chipping Norton star on TV.

Mummy dog Brenda will feature on Channel 5's Wonderful World of Puppies with her eight young pups tomorrow (Saturday).

The fluffy balls of fur, made up of seven boys and one girl, are on the show as part of their work for Banbury-based charity Dogs For Good.

Oxford Mail:

The litter, which are being looked after by a volunteer breed stock holder in West Oxfordshire, are the only ones to star on the show as pups destined for lives as specialist assistance dogs.

The charity trains dogs to support adults and children with physical disabilities and children with autism.

The episode is the third in the series and this time introduces Brenda and her pups from just 12 days old.

It will follow them through the early weeks that follow as they continue to grow and develop under the care of mum Brenda.

Training techniques will also show how the pups are prepared for their future life-saving role for example as part of their early socialisation, the pups are played a DVD of strange sounds such as traffic going by and general household noises like washing machines and vacuums to help them get used to the general hubbub of life.

The episode will start at 5pm on Channel 5 and continue next week on July 7 at 6pm.