OXFORD Bus Company launched its 'uber for buses' service this week to give students, workers and members of the public a new way to travel.

Residents in the east of the city can now order a bus to a virtual stop on demand after the PickMeUp app went live on Monday.

The company released a video giving users a step-by-step guide on how to use the app, calling it 'public transport...but not as you know it'.

After downloading the app, users must register and add a payment source.

They are then free to set a pick-up and drop-off point and add extra passengers to their journey.

Users are also able to see their route and estimated arrival time on the app.

The service promises to pick up passengers anywhere in the east of Oxford in under 10 minutes.

It covers a 12.2 square mile area, encompassing Oxford Station, Oxford Science Park, Oxford Business Park, the hospitals and Brookes University.

Oxford Mail:

The on-demand service picks passengers up from anywhere in East Oxford

Journeys cost £2.50 per ride, although they will cost an extra £2.50 if the trip could be made via an existing bus route.

The service has been launched to ease the strain of commuting to work in the east of the city and improve services in the city's Eastern Arc.

It comprises of six 17-seat low emission minibuses, which have cost Oxford Bus Company £850,000.