KE CHADWICK (Letters, May 28) seems to have missed the point of the problems raised by Ben Lloyd-Shogbesan. Mr Lloyd-Shogbesan is perfectly entitled to hold whatever views he pleases and to post whatever material he likes on Facebook.

What he is not entitled to do is to stand as a Labour Party candidate when his views, as expressed on a public site, are alien to the values of the party.

He has taken advantage of the party’s staff, volunteers and resources to become elected and the least that can be expected in return is that he should not bring the party into disrepute. The media, and K E Chadwick, have seized on and obsessed about Mr Lloyd-Shogbesan’s Facebook post about Israel.

More concerning from the point of view of the average Labour Party member is the fact that apparently one post expressed homophobic views, another called those with alternative lifestyles ‘perverted’ and called those on benefits ‘lazy’.

There is no place in the Labour Party for those who approve of such opinions, and they should certainly not be representing the party. KE Chadwick also seems not to understand the nature of a political party when s/he appears to think that Mr Lloyd-Shogbesan’s views are of no importance.

Perhaps s/he believes the Labour Party should invite Nigel Farage or Tommy Robinson to become members?

As for the remarks about “the Labour supremos” (whoever s/he means by that), in fact many members of the local Labour Party were rather annoyed by the initial response of the leadership of the Labour group on the city council to Mr Lloyd-Shogbesan’s Facebook posts, believing that it should have been stronger in its condemnation.

The reaction of these ordinary members had nothing to do with the media’s obsession with anti-Semitism and everything to do with a betrayal of Labour values.


Arthray Road, Botley