BEN Lloyd-Shogbesan isn’t known to me personally, but has been hounded for reposting others’ posts or memes – for exercising free speech (Oxford Mail, May 15). 

Countries like France or Germany, and increasingly our own, are not meaningfully free, if there are topics which even to discuss, embroils individuals with the law. 

We now have some very bad, dangerous law, which aims to undermine freedom; even facts and truth. Many laws, notably since 1997, duplicate legislation that already ensured injustices were rectified while yet safeguarding liberties. Our laws have been made increasingly contradictory, avoidably confused, often with terrible results. So-called “hate speech” and “hate crimes” are examples. They worsen society, and have been used perversely to remove basic rights (think Lauren Southern, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, etc), and used selectively, with double standards, to promote a dubious political agenda across the West (hate preachers were not so barred from UK entry, for instance).

Such laws are not beneficial, and we were better societally before many were enacted. Multiplying statutes excessively where we already had adequate redress only fosters bad governance. This is yet another negative of Blair’s Labour legacy.

Politically correct virtue-signalling, de-platforming (ie silencing), and stifling debate at universities is a consequence.

Cardigan Street, Oxford