HAVING read Chaka Artwell’s letter about Shaista Aziz (May 8), myself and the other event organisers would like to send this response.

Due to an honest administrative mishap by event organisers, Shaista Aziz was described as a ‘Labour councillor’ rather than a ‘Labour councillor candidate’ in an event description prior to the May 4 result. Aziz requested that this error be corrected for the event, and event organisers did so, in a timely fashion. This was altered on Friday, May 4, once she had been confirmed as councillor, after this was updated on the Oxford City Council website. There was nothing ‘unacceptable’ about Aziz’s behaviour.

This may read like something of a non-story. Apparently, however, it was deemed worthy of the Oxford Mail’s letters section. We were happy to host Aziz at our recent event, given her commitment to building opposition to immigration detention. 

Oxford for Dunkirk