A PAIR of swans caused traffic chaos after waddling onto the A34 near Oxford this morning.

Two of the royal birds stopped northbound traffic just past Wytham shortly after 9.30am, after ambling into the path of oncoming motorists.

Several bewildered drivers spotted the creatures in the carriageway, including Oxford Mail photographer Ed Nix.

He said: "The A34 going north was at a complete standstill. 

"I was queuing for ages and as I got near the Peartree Interchange I spotted police in the carriageway with a couple of swans.

"They had closed the road and were obviously trying to get the swans somewhere safe."

Paddy Power Racing suggested the creatures, which are protected by the Queen, were lost on their way to the Royal wedding in Windsor. 

 Traffic was still slow on the A34 at 10.30am, as shown on Google Maps. 

Oxford Mail:

It is not the first time swans have been rounded up by police in Oxford.

One of the birds at Worcester College lake decided to go exploring in December 2016, before being hit by a car and rescued by a team of police officers, a specialist RSPCA unit and city council staff.

In July another also found its way onto the A34, also near Wytham, and caused standstill traffic.

The swan population on the River Thames is monitored annually by the Queen's royal swan uppers, and increased in 2017 for the first time in years.

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