A BID for Oxford’s famous 'shark house' to stay part of the city's skyline indefinitely is set to be lodged on Tuesday.

Members of the Headington Residents’ Association are writing the application which will be sent to the Oxford Heritage Asset Register to protect and conserve the famous 25ft shark in New High Street for years to come.

In a supporting letter which will form part of the application to nominate the 'Headington Shark', group member Cicely Havely wrote that 'the shark has become a monument to local democracy'.

She went on: "What the shark now represents is quite different: the passions, quirks and cussedness that are at the heart of even a well-behaved suburb of Headington."

She told the Oxford Mail: “Although the shark was originally greeted with suspicion, it is loved by locals who would be horrified if anything ever happened to it."

She also revealed that, due to the unique nature of the fibreglass shark, it was hard to fit 'easily into the a language of the application form'.

She added: “It’s not a house, it’s not technically a sculpture – it’s rather hard to pin down.”

The shark was commissioned by Oxford Mail columnist Bill Heine in August 1986 while he was living at the house, and installed by sculptor John Buckley.

Once the application has been submitted it will be forwarded to Oxford City Council for consideration. A decision is expected by the end of summer.