KIDLINGTON'S new Libdem councillor Alaric Rose has said he 'hasn't forgotten' his pact with the Green Party ahead of the local elections.

The Greens and Libdems agree to support each other's candidates in the two Kidlington wards and not stand against each other.

Mr Rose said: "I have not forgotten that Ian and I agreed to support each other before and after the election and we are both keen to maintain our working relationship.

"I am sorry that Ian wasn’t able to join me as a councillor but his result and mine was a vindication of our decision to work together.

"We’ve both sent a strong message to the Conservatives that Kidlington cannot be taken for granted as a safe Tory area any longer."

Ian Middleton of the Green Party stood for Kidlington East but lost out to the Conservative candidate Carmen Griffiths.

He said: "The election of Alaric Rose achieved a big part of what we set out to do when we agreed a co-operative partnership with the Liberal Democrats in Kidlington.

"This was an equal partnership in which we both agreed to represent the views of the other party and our own if elected.

"I was delighted to see that our approach to grown-up politics paid dividends."