I WOULD like to express my sincerest appreciation of your Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran, for her kindness and assistance in my ‘Challenge 50 MPs’ when we met recently.

At present I am travelling the country trying to meet 50 sitting members of Parliament for a booklet I am putting together to raise funds for Walsall St Giles Appeal. I read favourable reports about Layla and because she is a Liberal Democrat – and having already got 16 MPs from the other two parties, I felt it would be beneficial to include her in the line-up. After a couple of missed opportunities, we finally got together at Abingdon and Witney College where she was holding a surgery.

I can only say that I am really happy that I persevered in travelling from the Midlands all the way down to see her. She was most attentive to me, and spared as much time as was required. 

Even though I am strictly speaking not one of her constituents, she was kind enough to accommodate me in what is, I am sure, a busy schedule for any MP. Nothing was too much trouble for her or her assistant Stephanie Ouzman, who played a big part in setting up our meeting. Thank you Layla!

Walsall’s Running Ambassador
Darlaston Road