SITUATED in a small but expanding village, Drayton Community Primary School embraces the rich cultural opportunities on its doorstep.

Determined efforts of an active PTA helps to deliver funding for regular school trips, and pupils get to enjoy experiences at theatres and museums just along the A34 in Oxford.

The 175-pupil school near Abingdon largely serves Drayton, with some pupils attending from Sutton Courtenay and South Abingdon.

Headteacher Marc Knight said his team tries to make the most of being a short distance from the historic city.

He said: "The opportunities for cultural enrichment are really strong - every term, every class goes on an enrichment trip or someone comes in to talk to them.

"We think it's important to give children those extra opportunities, and with Oxford on our doorstep we make use of the museums and shows."

He commended the efforts of the Friends of Drayton School Association, the parent-teacher group that supports and fundraises for the school.

Pupils also get to write and receive letters to and from a linked school in Uganda, and raise money to support that school when they can.

On World Book Day they raised enough to buy the Ugandan school 100 new books.

Mr Knight, who became head three years ago, said the school had secured 'excellent academic results', including being in the top 10 per cent nationally for progress in reading.

He added: "It's really important to do a good job in preparing them for secondary school.

"It's about sending them off with great results, but also memorable experiences."

A new classroom opened at the school in September as it increased its intake, to meet demands of new housing.

School life revolves around values of respect, kindness, resilience, honesty, community and aspiration.

Mr Knight said he was perhaps most proud of children's behaviour, and said visitors often praise the' 'impeccable manners and respect' shown by pupils.

Last month Ofsted rated Drayton Community Primary School 'good', in a report packed with compliments.

An inspector wrote: "The emphasis you place on academic excellence, as well as the arts, inspires and energises the entire community."