OXFORD students have been celebrating the end of their exams by getting 'trashed', despite the university warning those taking part could face 'significant fines'.

Pictures were shared on social media today of students wearing party hats and covered in foam after finishing their exams.

The ritual of 'trashing', thought to date back to the 1970s, sees students cover each other in shaving foam, silly string and a variety of food-stuffs, as they let of steam at the end of the school year.

Oxford Mail:

pic - Kelly O'Connor.

However, Oxford University is attempting to crackdown on the practice after revealing it costs £25,000 a year in security and clean up.

Anyone found to be involved in 'trashing' could face disciplinary action and even face a £300 fine.

The university launched its What a Waste campaign earlier this year to deter students.

University Proctor, Cecile Fabre, said: “Anti-social post-examination celebration, or ‘trashing’, has long been - and continues to be - against university regulations, and students breaking the rules are liable to significant fines.

"Through the What a Waste campaign, we are asking students to consider the social, environmental and personal impacts of trashing – as well as reminding them that it contravenes the University’s Code of Discipline.

"While the Proctors appreciate students want to celebrate after exams, we urge them to do so considerately and away from the exam halls.”

Picture credit: Twitter Kelly O'Connor.