STORMTROOPERS, white walkers and the odd Disney princess invaded Abingdon on Saturday.

The colourful cast of characters were in town for Thames Con, the latest addition to Oxfordshire’s growing convention scene.

Oxford Mail:

The centrepiece of the day was the reunion of the cast of 90s children’s television favourite Maid Marian and her Merry Men for the first time since the show ended almost 25 years ago.

The actors, which include comedy legend Sir Tony Robinson, took part in an interactive workshop for fans at Abingdon and Witney College's Wootton Road campus featuring Kate Lonergan, Adam Morris, David Lloyd, and Mike Edmonds, who played Marian, Robin, Merry Man Little Ron and sheriff’s guard Graeme.

VIDEO - Cast re-enact scene from Maid Marian 

Sir Tony, who created the show and also starred as the Sheriff of Nottingham, said: “It’s so exciting to be reuniting with the cast after all this time. I hear from so many fans who remember and love the show.”

Oxford Mail:

He added he and Ms Lonergan had been determined to make something ‘really special' with the cast recreating classic scenes.

Event director Zainab Mirmalek said: “It’s taken a lot of work to bring the cast together because they’re all so busy, but it’s definitely worth it.” She explained it was one of her favourite shows growing up so she knew how excited other fans would be to see them all back together.

Other celebrity guests included Doctor Who alien actor Jon Davey, Red Dwarf’s very own Kryten, Robert Llewellyn, along with a slew of Game of Thrones stars, including Josef Altin, Miltos Yerolemou, and White Walker Ross Mullan.

Many of the guests led workshops and talks, with Mr Yerolemou, aka Bravosi swordsmen Syrio Forel, leading a Water Dancing class.

Miss Mirmalek, 30, from Didcot, said she had wanted to create an event with 'something for everyone' and attendees praised the range of guests and activities.

Dom Waite, from Oxford, who came dressed as Game of Thrones character Jaime Lanister, said: "For a first time event they've done a really good job and they've focused a lot on workshops which is something different. I've noticed a lot of families here as well."

The 31-year-old added: "I was at OxCon last week and I think it's great to have two events like this so local."

Oxford Mail:

Convention-addict Holly Rixon, from Hampshire, has already been to five similar events so far this year and said she was pleased to see the growth of smaller cons.

The 30-year-old, who was dressed as Ariel from the Little Mermaid, added: "It can be really expensive to go to the bigger conventions in London or Birmingham.

"Thames Con has been well run, with a great use of space and it will be interesting to see how it grows in the future."