THE pitter-patter of penguin feet greeted residents for the latest event at specialist dementia care home Rosebank.

Two penguins waddled into the care home in Bampton yesterday and were let free to roam, much to the delight of everyone there.

Elderly residents, staff and their families all had the chance to stroke the curious pair as they pottered around their feet.

Rosebank care home owner Jane Roberts said: "The two penguins we had in were specially reared to be able to be handled and for our residents to interact with.

"We also had a lot of staff and family members visit for the day as well which was really lovely to see everyone interacting with the penguins.

"Our residents had a fantastic reaction as something they weren't expecting from today.

"The penguins were very cute and utterly adorable sitting on people's laps.

"They spread a lot of joy and a lot of laughs."

The penguins from Heythrop Zoological Park are a way of providing animal therapy to residents such as those with dementia.

Residents at Rosebank Care Home came up with the idea for a penguin visit at a recent meeting with the staff.

It was the first event of its type at the care home and resident really enjoyed the experience.

Ms Roberts added: "As a specialist dementia care home we are always looking for innovative ways to create experiences for our residents.

"We want our residents to have fun and get a sense of purpose and enjoyment from these types of visits."