THE dreadful treatment of ‘Windrush’ British citizens by this Government is no accident.

Theresa May’s 2016 Immigration Act deliberately made any suspected illegal migrant guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.

That is why some of the Windrush generation from the Caribbean, older people from the Indian sub-content, Kenya and elsewhere, can find themselves locked out of their own country; Great Britain.

The Act has turned employers, landlords and the National Health Service into unpaid immigration officers.

If you cannot prove you are British anyone can lose their job, social security and access to health care. For the new Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to blame civil servants is contemptible.

The Tories have created a “hostile environment” for hard-working legal migrants on purpose. Labour will end this scapegoating and mistreatment of immigrants.


City Council Board Member for a Clean and Green, Oxford