I HAVE lived in Oxfordshire since 1979 and in that time I have seen Oxford grow and prosper and yet its roads are full of dangerous potholes and its hedgerows and verges are full of litter. 

Along the main roads, plastic trapped in the hedges broadcasts our inability to take care of and pride in our county. 

We are not alone. Travel almost anywhere in Britain and you will see the same thing. 

Is it a lack of pride in Britain that allows ourselves to get to this state, to turn our streets and countryside into a dustbin, without complaint, without notice?

But, lots of us do notice and feel, on our own, powerless to do anything about it. 

Urgent action is desperately needed and I am prepared to play my part, indeed already do so by picking up litter where I can.

Alone this is insignificant, a drop in the ocean of rubbish. The huge amount of litter requires that the community take action. Clearly the taxes we pay are not affording a solution. 

As I look at the A34 that runs through Oxford I am itching to get out on those verges and hedgerows to remove all that litter. 

It may not have been dumped there by the people of Oxford but it sitting there says a lot about us, and it is not good.

I suspect that it is a minority that care so little that they will drop their litter as they go, but it is a majority that tolerates it, including our press and media. 

You would think we should all be shouting in outrage instead of muttering under our breath. 

Could the Oxford Mail run a campaign highlighting what action is or is not being taken by the authorities and what voluntary groups exist that are trying to combat the problem by taking action? Let’s bring about change.

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