A WHEATLEY man has taken part in a promo stunt involving a guide dog, a burger, and a trip to Paris.

Nathan Tree was asked to join Burger King’s ‘Whopper Dog’ Youtube ad campaign in which the fast food giant appears to train Mr Tree’s guide dog, Flynn, to sniff out the famous flame-grilled burger – even flying the pair to Paris to hunt down the burger in a foreign city.

And while Flynn, a specially trained ‘dog actor’, may not actually be able to detect a Whopper in any city in the world, Mr Tree, 29, said the campaign was a great opportunity to raise awareness about visual impairment.

Mr Tree, who works as a fundraiser at Oxfordshire Association for the Blind and is himself registered severely sight impaired, said: “I’m very keen on raising awareness of visual impairment and the great work that guide dogs do.

Oxford Mail:

“Flynn may not have actually been a guide dog himself, but it was a good opportunity to highlight guide dogs and to let people know that visually impaired people can do everything that other people do.”

According to the American burger chain, the video shows how the scent of the 'iconic flame-grilled Whopper' is 'one of a kind'.

Oxford Mail:

The ad then claims to specially train a guide dog to help Mr Tree find his way to his nearest Burger King restaurant whether it be in Cornmarket Street, Oxford or in Paris, France.

The story then follows Flynn's training until he is able to detect a whopper at the dog training facility in Essex before the pair then fly to Paris to put Flynn's training to the test.

Mr Tree, who has been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, said: "The filming took seven days including three day in Paris.

"It was great, I do quite like Whoppers so they kept bringing them to me during the filming."

Mr Tree, who is also a keen ice hockey player, is due to start training for his own guide dog on Monday.

He said: "It will make a huge difference.

"Where I work in Oxford it’s a bit too dangerous for me to walk in at the moment, with too many tripping hazards but with a guide dog I’ll be able to.

"So it just means I’ll be able to get out and about a lot more - it will make a huge difference.

"I haven’t really thought about seeing if I can have him trained to sniff out Whoppers, but I want my dog to be trained to do something a bit different so it might be one to follow up on."

Oxford Mail:

CEO Burger King UK, Alasdair Murdoch, said: "The Whopper Dog film is a great example of how we can raise positive awareness around important issues, whilst bringing everyone together to enjoy their favourite flame-grilled burgers."