CONTENTS from the £11m Faringdon House, home of the late Lord Berners, are up for grabs at auction.

The sale, which will take place next Tuesday in the Kidston-Trigg auction rooms, Swindon, will offer a range of residual house clearance items, from estate maps to the chandelier (Lot 738) which ‘could tell a few tales of people coming and going.’

The centre of Lord Berners glittering social circle, Faringdon House has boasted visits from some of the most influential people of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Guests at the property, which was sold earlier this year, included household names like H.G Wells, author of War of the Worlds and Salvador Dali, the artist behind The Persistence of Memory.

The house, which boasts about 388 acres of land, was home to the late Lord Berners during the 1930s along with his companion Robert Heber-Percy, dubbed ‘Mad Boy.’

Mr Heber- Percy went on to inherit the Faringdon estate upon Lord Berners' death in 1950, and it was later left to his granddaughter, Sofka Zinovieff, a writer, who sold the house earlier this year to locals who plan to restore and live in the property.

One of the most sought after lots in the sale is Lot 759 – The red bed, from the ‘red bedroom’ which was famously quoted by Nancy Mitford, of the Mitford sisters, in Ms Zinovieff’s book, - ‘The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me’

It reads: “I can remember, during the tedious or frightening but always sleepless nights of fire-watchings in wartime London, that the place I longed to be in most intensely was the red bedroom at Faringdon,

“With its crackling fire, its Bessarabian carpet with bunchy flowers, and above all its four-post bed, whence from beneath a huge fat fluffy old-fashioned quilt one can gaze out at the view, head still on the pillow....”

Other guests to grace the mahogany four post bed, which the auctioneers have estimated will rack up to £600 in the sale, included Salvador Dali and his wife Gala, who were regular visitors.

Other items available in the auction include lot number 266, a collection of photographs of Faringdon House, postcards from Lord Berners and Robert Herber-Percy which date back to 1943, and maps of the estate.

One postcard included in the bundle, is addressed from Holloway Prison and was sent from Diana Mosley, one of six notorious Mitford Sisters.

Another item going under hammer is the Victorian ten-light chandelier, hung in the porch of the stately home. This light fixture is also captured hanging in the stately home in one of the photographs from the collection of lot 266.

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