A BANBURY DJ who went on a violent rampage after he was racially abused by a reveller on a night out has been jailed.

Dayle Phillips, of HMP Bullingdon, was set to stand trial at Oxford Crown Court but in a last minute change of heart today he admitted a single count of affray.

The 38-year old, who also goes by the name DJ Bigger, was at the Horse & Jockey club, west Bar Street, when the incident took place on March 25 last year.

After his DJ set was over and he was packing up his equipment, the court heard, he was racially abused by an unidentified individual at the club.

Later that night he went to a friend's home at an address in Banbury where the offending party was present, which was enough to hurl him into a rage in which he threw punches, threw furniture about and wielded a bottle.

He went on to injure one man so severely he fractured his jaw in two places.

When police were called Phillips had calmed down and the brawl was brought to a halt.

In mitigation, Pippa Woodrow said that her client suffered from problems expressing himself and that this led to him 'coming across as aggressive', and to escalations of violence.

She added that during his time in custody he had engaged well with rehabilitation programmes and had bright future prospects.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC jailed him for 12 months, including a separate offence of having a mobile phone in prison.