THE mystery of the strange blue glow seen moving through the skies over Oxfordshire on Wednesday night appears to have been solved.

And is seems it was not down to aliens - despite a wave of rumours on social media. 

Pictures emerged from across the county of an eerie blue light travelling slowly overhead.

Lots of theories have been put forward, including light pollution and a transporter plane landing at RAF Brize Norton.

However, a video as emerged which appears to show the cause of the blue glow.

This CCTV video, posted on Facebook by Shelley Ifill, captures a train moving at speed at 9.15pm on Wednesday with a blue light shining from the roof towards the sky. 

It's not yet known exactly where the video was shot. 

The Oxford Mail has contacted rail companies to establish which train was carrying the powerful beam, and why. 

But whatever the reason, it now seems certain that despite numerous claims on social media over the last 24 hours, Oxfordshire has not been visited by extraterrestrials - not yet at least.