A STRANGE blue glow was spotted moving through the sky over Oxfordshire last night, with sightings from all over the county and beyond.

A blue light, described by some as appearing in two places 'like eyes', moved across the sky and was spied from Bicester all the way south to Buckinghamshire. 

Each report of the strange blue glow noted it moving, sometimes quickly. 

Several theories have been put forward, including light from a train travelling north from High Wycombe to Bicester. 

Michael Major believes he has the answer. He said: "An RAF transporter plane heading for Brize behind the clouds the landing lights and wing and tail light reflecting though cloud giving off blue tint."

Dave Hudson, who lives in Bicester said: "I can only say what i saw, a large purple/blue light moving slowly across the sky from north east to south west.

"No sound as a plane or chopper would make, definitely not a train or reflection from flood waters."

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Oxford Mail:

Picture - Laura Mansell

Oxfordshire astronomy Mary McIntryre said she was contacted by several people last night asking if she knew what the phenomenon was.

She has now proposed a rational explanation of her own: that the blue glow was caused by lights on the ground at a party or event illuminating the clouds above.

Mrs McIntyre said: "I had people contacting me about this last night. I didn't see it myself, but looking at the photos, it looks to me like something was being illuminated by blue floodlights - you often get this when somewhere is holding an event. 

"When clouds are really low, like the ones we had during the heavy rain and hail showers last night, it causes any light on the ground to be reflected back much more vividly than when the clouds are higher. 

"I've seen a similar effect just with standard led light pollution from a town a few miles from here."

She added: "It certainly isn't aliens!"