PLUMES of smoke billowed across a village after a stack of scrap cars and metal went up in flames.

Six fire engines fought a large fire which had engulfed cars, metal and tyres at a scrap metal yard in Great Rollright, near Chipping Norton.

It happened just after 6pm yesterday.

The flames spread through the scrap piles at Aldridge Scrap Metal, Halt Farm, but firefighters were able to keep it from a nearby building containing cylinders.

They used specialist water carriers but due to the size of the fire crews had to use the nearby stream to help extinguish it.

Large plumes of smoke spread through the village of Great Rollright and firefighters, liaising with Public Health England, told residents to stay indoors and close the windows - although there was no immediate cause for concern.

Group manager Paul Bremble said: "Crews were faced with a large well-developed fire on arrival that was rapidly spreading to adjacent buildings and other areas of the scrap metal yard.

"Acting quickly the crews established water on the fire and stopped the fire from spreading to a building containing cylinders and a large quantity of tyres.

"There quick actions contained the fire and ensured that it could be brought under control quickly.

"Crews were at the scene overnight and will be today to ensure that the fire is fully extinguished.

"We will continue to work with the owners to determine the cause of the fire."

Nobody was injured.