Roads have reopened around the River Thames in Abingdon as police continue to investigate reports of a motorcycle crashing into the water.

Officers were on the scene throughout yesterday and despite finding the bike and a helmet, found no sign of a body.

Sections of Saxton Road, Preston Road and Wilsham Road have now reopened but officers spent last night knocking on doors in the area as they searched for answers.

They urged anyone with CCTV to come forward as they continued to work out whether or not anyone had fallen in the river.

A large emergency operation began after police received reports of a motorcycle crashing into the water at 10.10pm on Sunday night.

Residents said they saw a fire service boat, several fire engines, a police helicopter and ambulances conducting a search near Abbey Sailing Club on Wilsham Road.

The force is working with Hampshire Police on the search but nothing further had been found as of yesterday evening.