'MAGICAL' road signs showing the way to Narnia and other destinations should be allowed to stay in place, according to Oxford Mail readers.

Oxfordshire County Council said it was waiting for the weather to improve before investigating the mysterious appearance of fantastical place names including Gotham City and Neverland on roundabout signs on the A4130 in Didcot.

Council spokesman, Mark Howard, said the ‘vandalism’ had the potential to distract drivers.

But 88 per cent of readers voting in an online poll called for the signs to be allowed to stay in place, agreeing with the statement ‘it’s good fun and puts the town on the map.’

Only 12 per cent of the 709 votes cast felt it was irresponsible.

Gloria Stallard Foley wrote: “There’s so much doom and gloom in the world, what’s wrong with putting a smile on people’s faces?”

Sharron Morgan agreed, writing: “Keep the signs! They bring a smile to everyone who sees them. I think they are brilliant.”

Several commentators called for the county council to spend the money on fixing potholes or cleaning other ‘filthy’ road signs instead.

The search for the culprit behind the sign modifications goes on, with speculation ranging from it being a publicity stunt to the work of ‘Russians.’

Others are waiting for the directions to more destinations, including Hogwarts, to appear.

A lone voice of dissent, Steven Andrews, joked: “Get rid of them. I followed the Narnia sign and ended up in a wardrobe.”