UPDATE - Artist insists 'I am not a vandal'

IT’S been branded the most normal town in England but now it appears Didcot is actually the hidden location of nearly all of fiction’s most fantastical places.

Mysterious road signs directing motorists towards Middle Earth and Gotham City have appeared on some of the major roundabouts in the town.

It means motorists seeking eternal youth along the A4130 can now turn right to the town centre, railway station and Neverland.

Whilst those who thought they knew that the way to Narnia was through a wardrobe were wrong all along.

In fact you can get there by following signs to Didcot A power station.
Some five signs in total have been modified in what the county council has described as an 'act of vandalism' which could distract drivers.

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It is not known who is behind the modifications or why they have done it.

Mayor Jackie Billington said she had made a bee-line to see the signs during her morning commute yesterday.

Oxford Mail:

She said: "I saw it online and thought I would go and have a look but I never made it to Middle Earth.

"I'm concerned that a tourist could be driving around for hours trying to find Gotham City.

"You can't tell the difference, they are exactly the same font and look like any other normal street sign.

"Some one has obviously gone to a lot of trouble."

Rumours have begun circulating around the town as to who is responsible with unconfirmed sightings of 'a hooded man in his twenties' seen brazenly modifying the signs in broad daylight at 2pm on Friday afternoon.

Oxford Mail:

Local resident Charlotte Westgate said she saw someone adding 'Gotham City' to a sign but hadn't realised so many of them had been changed.

Residents have generally welcomed the new signage with commenters online describing the move as 'genius' and 'so cool' but Ms Billington said that ultimately tax payers would end up having to pay for its removal.

She added: "My favourite is the sign for Narnia, it's quite fitting that there's still a lot of snow around.

"It is fun and quirky and gets people talking about the town again but, in all seriousness, they will have to be removed at some point and that will be an expensive job."

Spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council Mark Howard echoed her concerns.

He said: "We will investigate as soon as the weather improves.
"While on the surface amusing, it is vandalism and a potential distraction for drivers."