A HEADINGTON motoring enthusiast is offering up one of her prized vehicles for loan in an effort to get more people into the classic car scene.

Tanya Field, is loaning out her beloved Austin Maestro for the remainder of 2018 as part of the Classic Car Loan Project.

Ms Field is hoping that by driving the saloon, which she has affectionately named Milly, others may develop a passion for vintage vehicles.

Milly the Maestro was bought new in 1983 by a local man who treasured the car until he stopped driving about 10 years ago, aged 90.

During those 27 years the car covered only 35,000 miles (just over 1,000 per year).

The Austin Maestro was little used for the next few years until spotted for sale by Ms Field who said she ‘just had to have it’ to keep her other classic Austins (Maestro, Minis and Montego) company.

She said: “It was love at first sight.

“ I used charm and wit and offered a good home to get Milly at a good price.

“Having other cars made me decide to offer Milly, an excellent starter classic, to get someone into the old car scene.

“Ideal for family picnic runs and going to shows, Milly gets lots of attention.

“She is not expensive to run and classic car insurance is very reasonably priced.”

Ms Field decided to offer her treasured saloon into the nationwide Classic Car Loan Project run by motoring enthusiast Bob Wilkinson.

Already in the project, and available for loan, are a 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton (tourer), and a 1934 three wheeler Morgan sports car.

The cars are available for up to a year on condition that the “borrower” is over 25 years old with a full driving licence, has access to a garage and is prepared to use and care for the car during a loan period.

Project partner, Peter James Insurance, is also offering £100 towards the insurance of each of the loan cars, as well as insurance advice and support.

Classic Car Loan Project Manager Bob Wilkinson says: “I have enjoyed many years within the classic car community and want younger people – the next generation – to share the same excitement and pleasure with their family and friends.”

For more information contact Bob Wilkinson on bobwilkinson49@hotmail.co.uk