FOR many mum's 2018 marked their very first Mother's Day on Sunday and one Oxford nursery decided to mark the special event with a 'mum's tea party.'

The Oxford Nursery, Summertown, brought together mum's and their little bundles of joy for the public gathering on Friday.

It marked the annual day of the year, this time held on March 11, which aims to celebrate all of the highs and lows that come with being a mother.

Julie Pender, manager at the nursery, praised the turnout for the event which saw around 15 families turn out and said it was important to recognise the impact mum's have on the upbringing of their children.

She said: "It was fantastic, it was a really nice event.

"All the mums arrived and we took the children one by one and presented the mums with a flower and the faces on the mums was delightful to see.

"And the children were all smiling and really enjoying giving something to their mums. They were then serving them scones and cakes and they had afternoon tea."

She added that given the success of the mum-only Mother's Day event many dad's had asked what events they could expect to see with their children and the nursery would be making plans for that.