ASIDE from being majestic birds known to swoop through the skies above Oxfordshire, 'red kite' holds a host of other meanings for Garsington CE Primary School.

The species' name is an acrostic for the skillset the school champions for pupils: responsible, enthusiastic, determined, kind, independent, team player, enriched.

Headteacher Zara d'Archambaud, who joined the school in September 2015, said: "Everything we do goes back to those values.

"It's about life skills, we want children to have skills they will use through secondary school and jobs.

"We believe that with we can learn anything if we put in the effort and enjoy our learning."

The school, located just outside Oxford in Garsington, favours the 'growth mindset' approach to education.

This encourages children to grow into determined and positive learners by welcoming challenges and being inspired by other people's success.

Each week children who have best embraced the growth mindset are chosen by teachers for recognition.

The school currently has 207 pupils, including from catchment areas of Garsington, Wheatley, Horspath, Marsh Baldon and some areas of Oxford, such as Greater Leys.

Pupils can embrace a wealth of enrichment opportunities encompassing sport, music, singing, community events and challenges such as talent shows and baking contests.

Each term the school sets aside a slot for 'friendship time', during which pupils get to know each other through team building.

When the Oxford Mail visited on Friday, Year 5 pupils were putting on the weekly parent coffee morning.

Each Friday a different class creates their own cafe, which last week was French-themed.

Ms d'Archambaud said: "The children take responsibility for creating something, which gives them independence.

"We want our school to be part of the community and for parents to feel welcome, so it's also a chance for them to see in the school in action."

A popular character in the school's community is Lollie the Labrador-collie rescue dog.

Ms d'Archambaud said: "If a child is upset they'll come and talk to her.

"She also goes into classes as a reward when they've done some really good writing."

The school's Year 6 prefects help to look after Lollie.