AN 11-year-old pupil told the Duchess of Cambridge his nan almost cried when she heard he was going to meet her.

Speaking after he impressed Her Royal Highness in a 10 minute chat during a visit to Pegasus School, Jodie Brackett, who lives in Blackbird Leys, said he couldn’t wait to speak to his nan to tell her his new friend said hello.

The Duchess of Cambridge's visit in pictures: Click here

Excited pupils waved flags and cheered when the Duchess arrived at the gates at just past 11am yesterday.

She spent two hours meeting parents, pupils and members of the charity Family Links.

Before the heavily pregnant royal left, pupils presented her with a book of lullabies for the new baby that they had created especially for the occasion and a jar of home-cooked lemon marmalade.

Kenzie-Lee Farrell, eight, was entrusted with giving the future queen her marmalade.

He said it was ‘wonderful’ and told his mum Zoe ‘she is really pretty’.

Mrs Farrell, who also works at the school and lives nearby, said she never thought she’d see the day that such a famous face would visit the estate.

The 31-year-old was one of the parents who had a chance to sit down with Catherine to discuss the school’s approach to children’s mental health.

She said: “She asked a lot of questions and seemed really interested in everything we had to say.”

Francis Murphy, who has been the headteacher at the school since 2013, said it was the first time a royal had visited.

He said: “It was a great recognition of the work the school does.

“It has been quite a memorable day and really nice for the staff and students to get some recognition for what they do day in day out.

“It shows that, as hard as it seems sometimes, it is all worth it.”

Year six pupils Emelia Robertshaw, 11, and Zhara Gathenya, 10, joined Jodie Brackett in their conversation with the Duchess.

Jodie said “My nan likes the royal family, she is in to all that.

“Seeing how excited she was about me meeting her made me even more excited.”

Zhara said her mum had phoned her grandmother in Kenya to tell her that she was going to meet the Duchess.

She added: “She was so happy, she is a fan of the royal family.

“My dad could not believe it, I really don’t think he believed me at all when I first told him.

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone who is going to be a future queen.

“I really enjoyed it, she was such an open person.

“It wasn’t as nerve wracking as you would thing, she is just like anybody else.”

For Emelia’s family it was the second brush with royalty after her sister met Catherine's husband, Prince William, last year. As she left the Duchess told the pupils: “You are setting yourselves up for a fantastic start in life.”