AN Oxford imam has spoken of his astonishment after he discovered the name of Allah in the snow on his car.

Hojjat Ramzy found the frozen message in Arabic on his bonnet after coming out of prayers at Oxford Central Mosque last night.

He said he could never have written so beautifully in Arabic himself and, with tiny droplets of melted snow all around the white lettering, it was clear it had not been created by any other human hand.

Oxford Mail:

Dr Ramzy said: "I was at the Mosque, just coming from evening prayer, I looked and there was the name of Allah on my car in the best calligraphy.

"I just said 'wow': it was amazing, I was absolutely, absolutely thrilled.

"Maybe Allah wanted to tell me something after I was in the Mosque."

Dr Ramzy said he did not believe the apparition was a miracle, but said it was a 'beautiful work of nature'.

He added: "To me it is a beautiful phenomenon that happened, and a sign that God loves me."