A PARK and ride in Oxford has been left strewn with a vast amount of rubbish as travellers abandoned the site.

The entirety of Pear Tree Park and Ride was today bordered with trash - including bikes, toy prams and overflowing bin bags.

It was, until today, occupied by a large group of travellers.

And according to reports, at least one dog was left behind by the group.

The travellers had been served a court notice by Oxfordshire County Council prior to moving on.  

Oxford Mail:

There were approximately 50 caravans spread across the car park - taking up in excess of 140 spaces - after first arriving more than a week ago on February 13. 

It is understood that the travellers on the site comprised four or five different groups. 

Some of the group have now set up camp at Bicester Park and Ride. 

The city council has launched a cleaning operation at Pear Tree.