These are the faces of four of the escapees still on the run after fleeing from Campsfield House detention centre.

The four men - who have served prison sentences for drugs offences and robbery - have been on the loose after escaping from the detention centre near Kidlington on Saturday.

Police have this afternoon released their names and photographs in a bid to track them down.

The first escapee is O'Neil Anthony Wilson, 29, from Jamaica, described as 6ft 3ins, slim, with brown eyes and has a West Indian accent. He has served five years in prison for drugs offences.

Heardley Leon Benjamin, 38, also from Jamaica, is 6ft, thin with black short hair and brown eyes. He was jailed for four years for drugs offences.

Iraqi Ali Sabir Jabar, 28, who is 5ft 6ins, slim, with black short hair and brown eyes who was imprisoned for three years and nine months for robbery offences and is still missing.

The fourth most wanted escapee is Cuong Hung Doan, 26, from Vietnam who is 5ft 7ins, slim, with black short hair and brown eyes and went to jail for three years for cultivation of cannabis.

The men are believed to have links with Bristol, Leicester, Lewisham and Birmingham areas.

Details of the eleven outstanding detainees have been circulated to all police forces around the country.

Assistant Chief Constable Francis Habgood said: "We have made good progress in locating the escapees so far with three arrested yesterday."

Anyone who has spotted the men is asked to call Operation Command Centre at the Borders and Immigration Agency, on their 24 hour number, 0161 261 1100.

Callers who do not want to talk to police officers and do not want to give their name, can call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

On Saturday evening 26 men escaped from the detention centre after a fire.

Police rounded up 14 of the escapees within hours and tracked down three more yesterday.

Eleven men remain missing. All the escapees were at Campsfield House awaiting deportation.