A SUITCASE full of potatoes, another suitcase containing two mannequins’ heads, a rucksack full of adult toys and a monocle.

Those are just a few of the unexpected items left on Oxfordshire buses in the last year.

The Oxford Bus Company said staff recorded more than 4,000 items which were left on services – but just 964 were reclaimed by passengers.

Other things left on buses include a pair of teeth, a monocle, a dog skeleton Halloween costume and a Soviet Union hat.

A cyclist left their electric bike on one service, while another left their trumpet behind.

In total 4,123 items were lost but then the 964 passengers paid a £1 administration fee for the return of their belongings in order to pay for the cost of storage.

The other 3,159 items have now been donated to charities, including a number of household items and clothes which went to Sobell House last month.

Jade Dixon, customer relations officer, said: “We always seek to reunite passengers with their belongings and we encourage everyone to check they have their personal items before leaving our buses.

“Unfortunately, a lot of things do get left behind, and we hold them for a fixed period in case they are claimed, so it is always worth getting in touch if you’ve lost something. Clothing and mobile phones are commonly left on buses, but we do collect a lot of unusual items as well.

“Drivers who find an item that is not claimed are entitled to it, but we do find ourselves with a huge number of unclaimed belongings every year, which we give to local charities

“It is uplifting to be able to charities and ensure the items do not go to waste and help so many people.”

The top ten - 

·Rucksack full of adult toys

·Pair of teeth


·A dog skeleton Halloween costume

·Soviet Union hat

·Suitcase full of potatoes

·Suitcase with two mannequins' heads

·Electric bike,

·Ski sticks