Three more Campsfield escapees are back in custody after almost three days on the run.

Police recaptured the men as more details emerged about the backgrounds of those still at large following the weekend's breakout from Campsfield detention centre, including news that some had served prison sentences for drug dealing and several were jailed for robbery.

Two of the detainees were tracked down in London while a third was found at an undisclosed location not in the Thames Valley region.

Police are hunting the remaining 11 and have searched more than 20 houses, mainly in London and the Midlands.

Twenty-six men, all convicted criminals awaiting deportation back to their own countries, broke out of the immigration detention centre near Kidlington late on Saturday. Twelve were rounded up in the first few hours.

Police and the Home Office would not reveal the names, pictures or convictions of the remaining 11 detainees on the run.

They had all been jailed for low or medium offences, ranging from driving whilst disqualified to drug dealing and more than one was jailed for robbery, and were awaiting deportation at Campsfield House.

Assistant Chief Constable Francis Habgood said the remaining escapees were not considered an immediate danger to the public.

He added: "They are not murderers or people who have served very lengthy prison sentences, although robbery is a serious offence.

"They are considered to be medium risk rather than someone who is going to be a major risk to the public.

"We have a number of enquiries being carried out to try and locate them and get them back.

"Sometimes releasing their names can frustrate the operations.

"We decided we needed at least 48 hours to get basic enquiries done then we may need to recruit help from the public.

"It is probably unlikely they are going to remain in this area. However we can't discount they may have local ties or they have laid low until such time as the inquiries focus elsewhere in the country."

All three escapees were arrested under immigration legislation.

Lin Homer, chief executive of the Border & Immigration Agency said: "The police rapidly recaptured 12 of the escapees, and one has already been deported."

The detainees escaped from Campsfield House on Saturday after a fire in a temporary kitchen.

Yesterday demonstrators from the Campaign to Close Campsfield protested outside the detention centre in support of the detainees.

The protesters took along a cardboard cut-out of Immigration minister Liam Byrne to the demonstration.

Spokesman Bob Hughes said: "Police should have produced a list of offences these individuals committed.

"As far as we are aware about 50 per cent of the people in Campsfield are there for smaller crimes like passport offences rather than being axe murderers."

Last week more than 150 detainees began a hunger strike in protest against the conditions.